Location: 111 E. Main Street, Broussard, LA 70518

Ambiance: A Shell station/grocery store in the heart of town. It is a little utilitarian, getting a lot of use from locals who purchase their specialty meats as well as other groceries. Go to the back of the store by the meat case to order your link. Helpful and friendly staff. They churn out about 500 lbs of delectable boudin each day. This location holds the distinction of being Dr. C’s first link of boudin.


Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of butcher paper and placed in a small paper bag at the register.

Casing: Dry and extremely breakable. This makes for an excellent vessel to contain the filling.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equal amounts of rice and pork. One of the most perfect blends.

Texture: A smooth texture with fewer green pepper than some others. All ingredients meld together to form a unified, almost ideal, whole.

Spices: Mild/warm

Overall Taste: Very flavorful. Perhaps a little dryer than some, but this indicates the use of less fatty pieces of pork. Wonderful.

Comments: A classic link of boudin bordering on the exquisite.